About as useful as.....

...a chocolate tea pot or a cardboard welly? These are the two I use. More digging has revealed further examples [there are many more far ruder ones out there].....

Perhaps a glass hammer, rubber lips on a woodpecker [uttered by Gary Burbank playing the fictional Earl Pitts], a screen door on a submarine takes your fancy?

Or you prefer these ones...a newspaper raincoat, Captain Hook at a gynaecological convention, mudguards on a tortoise or maybe none!

My personal favourite is a knitted condom.....of course, the knitting pattern exists to make your very own one should you be so inclined. Thus it will come as no surprise that I have taken it upon myself to provide the link....http://www.instructables.com/id/Knit-Condom/

I can go to great lengths to avoid the ironing sometimes!



  1. Chortle... off to check out said link.... fnurr fnurr fnurr


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