Friday 7 April 2017


Not much of the stuff I like to write about going on right now. We're pretty much working, decorating, prepping for the Bangladesh trip. Very busy, but nowt worthy of reporting. Am enjoying the lighter evenings and the wild flowers in the verges greatly though. Never fear though there are plans in the pipeline, so more tales to tell in the near future. For now then may I just wish you all a happy weekend and shuffle off leaving a couple of random photos of the papier mache wishing well in the "Two Feathers" Native American shop down in Brighton. I did ask permission before I took the photos.



  1. Wow! I'm loving the look of the wishing well!
    Isn't it gorgeous? Everything feels better when there's wildflowers in bloom.
    Have a fabulous weekend. xxx

  2. Blogging about wildflowers blooming is big news for me. I am not so patiently waiting for the colors of spring to show up.



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