Tuesday 18 April 2017

Bright Monday

I rather like this name used for Easter Monday by the Eastern Orthodox Church. A day without commitments saw us and a dear friend who has been through a very troubled time of late, take the opportunity to get out and enjoy the local village woodlands for a short while.

It was rather overcast and chilly yet signs of new life abound....I am enthralled by the different shades of green mantle emerging on the trees. They're all wearing a light fuzz at the moment so the light still gets through to the woodland floor. More unusually the oak is ahead of the ash this year...maybe the promise of only a splash will mean a dry summer this year!

The slowly unfurling bracken...the still tightly packed fronds at the base put me in mind of an ammonite fossil.


Fairy flowers....the local countryside is gloriously awash with bluebells at the moment.

Treasure. H immediately spotted it's a woodpecker feather. Into the pot of woodland treasures it goes...if only I could find another jay one. I've managed to lose mine sadly. [Edit- thanks to K for letting me know that this is a guinea fowl feather. Learn something new everyday!]

Back to the ranch with a spring in my step. Aside from the beauty, it's now thought that trees emit certain oils which have a positive impact upon our health. The Japanese call time spent this way "forest bathing".



  1. The feather reminds me of one from a guinea fowl, there is definitely a lot of promise going on with all the buds and shoots appearing.

  2. I always feel refreshed after a walk through the woods. x


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