Saturday 22 April 2017


Recently I shared my dislike of slugs At the bottom of the post I mentioned in passing my equal distaste for the komodo dragon and the blind mole rat. A friend has flagged up this article about the latter. I guess I have to give the ugly little blighters a modicum of respect after finding out about their rather impressive survival skills!

Much as I think every creature is fully entitled to its place on the planet [I often think humans deserve theirs the least] it still doesn't endear them to me, but I will accept [grudgingly] that I do need to soften my stance a little. Shan't be having one as a pet anytime soon though👿👿



  1. I'm with you on slugs, hate them and their less naked cousins, snails. As for Komodo dragons, I have nightmares about them.

    1. I'm not overly keen on snails either, but they do have pretty shells some of them. Thanks for your comment.

  2. I thought that too of humans yesterday. Great minds and all that! xx



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