Sunday 14 May 2017


One who collects or is very fond of teddies. I'm not the greatest fan of the cuddly toy, but the odd teddy [ a certain cider quaffing chap called Albert springs to mind who took up residence after my chaps won him in a raffle years ago when I was bed ridden with a goodly dose of real flu] and a Steiff elephant have crept over the threshold from time to time. Yesterday I added to my very modest collection...this little lady is about 2" and has emptied the pocket money coffers in one go. I am a very thrifty bird, but when I do occasionally splurge I like to do it with style. I have named her Effie.

We have been working at the Kensington Dollshouse show this weekend. It was always touch and go whether Mr GBT would get the toilet table finished in time. To rush it might have spelled disaster, so other than here, we kept its launch quiet. Anyway in this day and age where technology allows us to know so much more a good old fashioned surprise is a bit of a novelty. It's been three years since we've had a new piece and I just loved watching the faces as the visitors caught their first glimpse of was pure magic! I am delighted and thankful to say we have just had our best show ever by a mile!

Since my last posting I have had a Skype call with our son. Beyond adapting to eating with his right hand he's playing a lot of badminton and cricket in his spare time and enjoying the local curries. One of his team has just put up a brilliant film of them and the young Bengali people who are working along side them having a massive water fight....all you can hear is them all screaming with laughter. Fun always transcends cultural the end we're all from the same tribe aren't we!


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