Tuesday 9 May 2017

Significant Anniversaries

On their ruby wedding anniversary meal my Father was heard to mutter "I'd have got less time if I had committed murder" when commenting on the forty years of marital bliss he had enjoyed. Thankfully said with his tongue firmly in the side of his cheek, he has survived to enjoy another 11 since then. I had to laugh when I read this quote from Dame Sybil Thorndike when asked if she had ever considered divorce during her sixty years of marriage...

"Divorce? Never. Murder, yes, but never divorce."

At some point over the first ten days of May [we cannot agree/even remember when] Mr GBT and I celebrate, or it may have already gone past, 27 years together as a couple. Perhaps he should be grateful that he's only been married to me for 23, particularly as we are now home alone sans enfant for the next three months. The teenogre has safely landed on foreign shores, his Mother meanwhile starched her upper lip and just about [with a wobble or three] managed to hold it together until he had got out of the front door. It's very quiet here this morning, but you know what they say about while the cat's away the mice will play...lots to look forwards to and thankfully we still very much enjoy each other's company. Just as well really!



  1. Be brave (says she who too starched the upper lip until out of sight and the tears dissolved all starch involved). We (man and me) have fond memories of when we first met - his was the first northern accent I had heard and his rather forthright northern manner took me by surprise. Our neighbour is often heard muttering things similar to your Dad regarding the length of his marriage - he too is another bruskly spoken northerner but he and his wife are close.

  2. I hope your boy has the time of his life! In the meantime have a wonderful time enjoying each other's company. xxx

    1. I'm sure he will Vix...I don't envy him the learning to control cockroach technique using a flip flop approach though!


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