Wednesday 17 May 2017

Better not to cross the cross architect!

Upon the completion of his plans for 54-55 Cornhill, London the architect was most aggrieved when the vicar of the church next door brought legal proceedings against him for encroaching upon their land by a foot.

Returning to the drawing board the architect tweaked his design whilst plotting his revenge. Upon completion of the building it was noted that it was now adorned by three devils [henceforth known as the Cornhill Devils] who were positioned so that they could scowl upon the members of the congregation. One is rumoured to bear more than a passing resemblance to the man of the cloth who had caused him such offence.

I am unable to account for the veracity of these events, but whatever the truth it makes for a good yarn and his handiwork can be admired to this day.



  1. Cool mate. When you come down to Devon you need to go to Trago Mills. There are gargoyles there of the owner's own 'devils', planning permission councillors who have pissed him off! xx

    1. This continues the tradition started off by the stone masons of yesteryear!


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