Tuesday 16 May 2017

The latest celebrity must-have?

We've seen the rise of the hairless cat and dog, but is the hairless beaver the next in line for the must-have pet to be seen with I wonder and oh so soon after its reintroduction!!

Much as I realise this probably crosses the line of good taste [well frankly it must have traversed it both back and forth several times] this did make me inwardly cackle. Not sure how long the local beautician will get away with it but full marks for trying. I, meanwhile, was innocently passing by on my way to see if our parish church had anything in the way of interesting aged graffiti on it...as you do!



  1. Shrieks with laughter as she looks at image properly when confused by the wordage. .... !

    1. A tad risque perhaps but I like to live slightly dangerously and surprise once in a while. I have a decidely bawdy gene which rises to the surface now and again!



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