Friday 5 May 2017

A Sea of Green

As a child I only ever knew about the Mayday festivities from books. Following the Victorian moral crusades such scurrilous drunken celebrations had largely been consigned to the historical records, but now it seems that people are looking back and recognising that if our customs are to survive, new life needs to be breathed into them. Thankfully traditions from throughout the seasons are being revived and spreading fast. The Hastings Jack-in the-Green was brought back in 1983. It pays homage to the celebrations of the past, but has been allowed to grow organically into the amazing all weekend event it now is.

This is the Jack. He is attended by bogies [the chaps in green] who guide him up through the old town of Hastings. Accompanied by music and dancing he celebrates the coming of Summer. Best ignore the lashing rain then!

Here we are braving the elements in the parade.

Despite the evil weather first thing I have to say it's a feast for the senses and has the most amazing atmosphere. Just a few of the cast of characters.....

Yes if you look carefully at the end of the gentleman's staff your eyes are not deceiving you for this is all about the fecundity of nature!

This chap has tiny figures around the top of his hat...they should show up if you wish to double click the image.

I now have serious hip flask envy....look at the size of that one! I wouldn't say no to her green boots either!

As for these two charlies.....they don't quite cut the mustard do they with their cabbage leaves stuck on their faces...they did make me laugh!

If you're a serious people watcher like me an event like this is manna from heaven!



  1. Well X rated post! No wonder everyone appears to be carrying the means to drink alcohol...if I had to walk around with an appendage for all to see I'd need swig of something strong! x

    1. Yes I debated whether to put it up or not but thought it was very much in the context of the event. Not what one normally encounters on a wet BH Monday in the UK is it now [maybe I should be thankful!]

    2. The Acoustic Festival of Britain is a Morris Dancing fest. Its the first time I'd come across the black faced dancers and elaborate costumes. Until then it was elderly chaps dressed in white waving their hankies around on childhood holidays to Devon.
      I loved Blind To The Bones by Stephen Booth, its a Morris Dancing mystery. xxx

    3. I shall have to keep my eyes peeled for that book!


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