Wednesday 3 January 2018

Appealing Kneeling

When the weather is cold and drab at this time of year I guess I need to look harder to find things which make me feel cheery. Colour is always a winner with me and on our snout around St George's in Trotton on Monday I went back to look at the kneelers before we left. Normally I give them a quick appreciative glance, but no more than that. These ones though were particularly bright and breezy with an eclectic mixture of themes. How could I resist!

The first one is referencing the Camoys brass I spoke about yesterday and the second one is linked to the dedication of the church. The others are just gloriously random though. My personal favourite? The "toads crossing" one gets my vote!

Having never had kneelers on the radar before I was interested to learn that they are the most widely practised form of folk art in the country yet there's no record of them. This is now being addressed so if you know of any in your locality and want to investigate further here's the link



  1. Replies
    1. One of the kneelers apparently had more than 56000 stitches in it!

  2. I can remember sitting and staring at the kneelers every time I had to sit through a school end of year church service or the school christingle service in December. They would definitely fall under folk art and one or two could even be classed as 'interpretive' !

    1. I like the homespun quality of them.



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