Tale of Two Wolves

Image from Pixabay

A Cherokee grandfather is explaining to his grandson about the internal fight we all face. Using the metaphor of two hungry wolves to illustrate his point he describes one as being dark and evil and the other as light and joy. After a moment the grandson asks which wolf will win. "Whichever one you feed" replies the grandfather.

Perhaps this tale is familiar to many, but I thought it a good one to start my personal journey into 2018 with. Happy New Year!


Edited in to add I wrote this yesterday....how surprised am I to find that tonight's full moon is apparently the wolf moon...just one of those funny little coincidences!


  1. Scarily true...come to think of it! x

  2. I fully intend on feeding my inner light and joyous wolf this year - not going to tolerate the other beastie! Happy Wolf Moon x


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