Monday 22 January 2018

Sweeping Changes!

Honestly that woman has no idea how to sweep the carpet properly. I listen out for the knowing sound the brush makes and come hurtling down from my chosen place of rest [you can hear the tell tale thump as he lands on the floor upstairs and then throws himself down the stairs]. She has no idea just how much effort rousing oneself from one's slumbers entails, but I am a selfless soul and manage to arrive just in the nick of time to save her from herself.

Nestled in the crook of her arm I then guide her round showing her repeatedly how it should be done....sadly she's rather forgetful these days and seems to be unable to retain the finer points...'tis simple enough. One brush stroke, one cat stroke repeat until the task is complete.😼


This is my daily morning routine now....the bleeding feline started "helping" me a couple of months ago....although he's constantly getting in the way he never fails to make me laugh even though I'm trying to get on!



  1. Lol!!!,Cats can be so funny.One of mine nudges my arm when im putting her treats more fall out of the packet!...Love your furniture by the way...oh does that sound nosy?,lol...also love your jacket.Is it velvet?,Beautiful colour!,Debi,xx

    1. Yes cats aren't daft when it comes to getting extra rations are they! The cardi isn't velvet but it's a favourite charity shop purchase from a few years ago which I still wear regularly. Thanks for the compliments about my furniture. Arilx

  2. Replies
    1. He is a complete love and doesn't seem to understand that as a feline he should be standoffish and independent!


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