Monday 29 January 2018

On the way to the station.

Saturday looked to be another of those slug coloured know all sludgy greys and muddy browns, but at least it started out dry. I love walking and it meant that I could use good old Shank's Pony without getting soaked. Being outside gives me much appreciated head space just to muse and be amused about what's going on around me.

With camera in hand, I am delighted to report that a bit of watery sunshine managed to briefly break through the bank of clouds, so I took full advantage and snapped away happily as the true colours and forms of things came alive....although it lashed down later, this brief little interlude set me up for the day.

Lacy seedheads.

The promise of things to come.

Feathery grasses.

So many shades of evergreen.

Crimson dogwood stems.

Nature's choice of palette on the stonework.

A perfect example of Victorian functionality and lack of imagination [some Victoriana I love....not this one though]. It commemorates Victoria's Diamond Jubilee and our Queen's Silver one.

Close up detail.

Then there's rather strange used as a planter it was given in 1920 to commemorate Captain R B Drummond, MVO who was the Constable of the West Sussex Police between 1879 to 1912.

However, far more intriguing for me is the "Metropolitan Drinking Fountain and Cattle Trough Association" inscription which runs along the front. After a bit of digging, I have now discovered that the Metropolitan Free Drinking Fountain Association was set up in 1859 by the MP Samuel Gurney and Edward Thomas Wakefield to provide free drinking water for the masses. As if that name wasn't in the slightest bit unwieldy, in 1867 they added in the Cattle Trough wording to reflect their concern and need to address animal welfare. Thankfully now it is simply known as the Drinking Fountain Association Nowadays they run the Find a Fountain campaign to encourage people to drink more water....with the welcome news that fountains are going to be on the increase as we're encouraged to end our love affair with bottled water I think they're going to be busy over the coming months!

More tomorrow about why I was off to the station......


  1. I love walking too!,Up till last Christmas me and my Grandaughter were walking about 10 miles every Saturday afternoon..but this year she turned 14 and spends Saturdays going out with her mates!!So i suppose i with have to be a lone hiker from now on,lol.Love your photos!,Debi,xx

    1. TYM used to like hiking too. Then he took up cross country running and going to the gym instead so it's down to Mr GBT and me nowadays.

  2. I believe somewhere in Bideford is a drinking trough dedicated to the horses lost in the wars...My father was very unhappy when it was moved...though I think it was relocated....I shall gave to go on a hunt! x

    1. IT's amazing what snippets you turn up once you start looking isn't it. There's a memorial to a horse lost in WWI in nearby village I discovered a few months ago. That's now on the radar and I hope to pay it a visit soon. Arilx


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