Monday, 23 April 2018

St George's Day 2018

This rather stunning depiction of the Saint and the dispatched dragon could only be Victorian in my humble's got more than a whiff of the Romantic Arthurian look about it [St Martin's in Dorking]. Prior to being a Morris dancer I'd never done/been to anything to celebrate England's patron saint, but with the gorgeous day we had yesterday I was out clashing sticks and bending the old elbow at a local watering hole. It seems extraordinary that it is five years ago already that a very nervous Aril had her first dance out on this very same date and at the same pub.

I still get a few butterflies just before I perform, but I'm able to enjoy the experience nowadays rather than feeling like a rabbit caught in the headlights. It was the turn of our newest member to get the jitters today and how do I know that you might well ask?! Ta-dah

Why Mr GBT has joined the Mythago musicians....that's him lurking over by the wall with his mandolin and new hat! He survived the ordeal and is looking forwards to joining us on a regular basis as a participant rather than a spectator...hmmm suppose that means I'm going to have to carry all my own kit now he has his own tut to lug about!



  1. Ha, that's brilliant! How much fun!!! So nice to hear of someone playing the mandolin too! I have two mandolins I inherited from my Grandparents- I played one for a performance of Mahler's 7th symphony! That's fab you have been morris dancing for so long!

    1. I love the sound of the mandolin. Simon Mayor is a favourite of mine.


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