Through The Twitten

Now I'm a gal that likes to work to a list when out doing distractions, bish, bash, bosh and back to GBT. Mission Accomplished. On my last day off I had the luxury of time and feeling frivolous, I decided to go off piste and use a twitten [Sussex word for alley] I'd never noticed before. It brought me to a recreation ground which I had taken TYM to along with another Mum and her baby a couple of times when they were wee mites. Never been back since.

Luckily for me since my last visit one of the local schools, working in conjunction with artists, has made this rather splendid mosaic marking the bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar [the roads around there are Nelson themed]. Now we're not talking recently here....2005 it was put up. I shared the photos on our town's FB page expecting to be the only one who had never seen it. However, I was wrong...apparently this little delight is so well tucked away that many of the locals who are far more familiar with the town didn't know it either. It's that naive quality of the little children's work I enjoy so much.

It's always worth having a never know what might be waiting for you!



  1. New word alert! - 'Twitten' not heard that one before, I now know them as Ginnels but only since moving to the UK - before that it was alleyway or passage. Wonder how many variations there are in the UK alone?

    1. I've heard of snicket aswell. Think it's a Northern term. My old cat [Psychocat] was called Twitten, partly because it's a true Sussex word and partly because she was a rescue cat who behaved like the archetypal alleycat!


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