Wednesday 16 January 2019


As Imbolc approaches on 1st February, I am reminded that once again I would like to have a little something Snowdrop themed for my altar. I had vaguely thought about having a go at making something out of felt, but haven't found anything to tickle my pickle. Buying something is always a possibility, but if I'm trying new ways of doing things then I should listen to that little quiet voice in the back of my head muttering about drawing one.....

DRAWING.....where the heck did that stupid idea come from. That was not part of the challenge. For goodness sake I was rubbish at art at school and have barely picked up a pencil save to draw a couple of masks for TYM when he needed them for World Book Day when he was a tiddler. I then had a quiet word with myself and decided that perhaps I should listen to the little whisper and just give it a whirl. That was three weeks ago and I've spent a lot of time looking at pictures of Snowdrops, but putting it off. However, I finally plucked up the courage to have a little try a week ago. Literally my hand shook and I put it down again sharpish feeling foolish and inadequate.

How's it go...try, try and try again. Bolstered by reading that children simply think they can draw, it's adults who agonise over whether they're good enough I regrouped. Everybody can draw something in their own don't need to be a top notch artist to have a go. I literally went back to the drawing board over the weekend and sketched this. It's basic, but it's mine and I am pleased with myself that I have created something purely for me. It still needs a bit of tidying up. I shall cut it down to size and mount it on some card before popping it up on my altar shortly.

I guess that qualifies as the first "create" in my 2019 challenge. I wonder what twist and turn it will take me on next!



  1. Err - excuse me ... for some who has just muttered 'I can't draw' that looks excellent to me! looking forward to seeing it in situ on the spring alter :)

  2. Zilch pennies parted with...bonus! x


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