Friday 18 January 2019

Wassailing 2019

Tomorrow we're out for our annual wassailing. We performed at the first one in Steyning back in 2015 when it was a very small affair. Mythago was still finding its feet when it came to apple howling, but we have got it down to a fine art these days with the inclusion of specially adapted intros to key dances and the inclusion of the Sussex Wassail Song. Many locals of all ages now turn out armed with pans and wooden spoons with which to raise a cacophony of noise scaring off any evil lurking spirits and join in with great gusto when the call to Wassail! Drink Hail! is called. It's a great atmosphere with those there intent on having a raucous evening at a time of year many find difficult.

The Gower Wassail by Steeleye Span is one of my personal favourites and an example of the band at their finest. Have a glorious weekend one and allx


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  1. We have Wassailing in a little village called Carhampton near where I live in Somerset

    Julie xxx


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