Monday 1 April 2019


TYM was a stubborn little boy with some very definite ideas about things. As he approached the end of his first year of school we chatted about what he thought he might like to give his teacher as a present. Many might have gone down the route of chocolates, smellies or not this one. "Crisps!" was his answer and he wasn't one for turning. Feeling slightly embarrassed I duly handed over the said wrapped present.  At the end of the afternoon Mrs S thanked us and said that she had really enjoyed the novelty of it and was looking forwards to sharing them with her family.

This is my Mother's day gift from TYM.  If I tell you that I have dispatched 6000 empty packets of crisps in the last three months for the recycling scheme via my local green group it's quite put me off buying crisps, but oh how I do so love them. This will be a real and fairly rare treat for me. Some 15 years later he's spot on once again in his choice!


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