Friday, 13 November 2020


 A silly for Friday! 

There's no secret as to which one I am!



  1. Ditto! have a good weekend >^.^<

  2. An old friend once called while I was ironing. She said, "I NEVER iron." I said, "How on earth do you get buy with that?" And her response floored me: "I read the tag. If it says to iron it, I don't buy it."

    I said, "Mary, I believe that you are a genius."

  3. My cats have been my companions in Covid-19 self-isolation, setting excellent examples as masters of the art of napping, bird watching and sitting zazen whilst gazing at a plant pot. Thanks to them, I've kept a regular schedule, missing neither meal times nor bed times by more than 10 minutes. And they've certainly inspired me to do my stretching routines prior to engaging in the day's activities! I, too, am a catwoman -- and I have the shredded upholstery and floof-fringed rugs to prove it.



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