Monday 2 November 2020


 It's been a bit of a tough weekend in some ways hasn't it. What I find hardest is the fact I can't offer a hug to those I value when it's needed....somehow words alone just don't have the same effect. However, it is what it is and I won't be joining in the ferocious debates I see enacted elsewhere. My intention as ever is to keep this blog a place of sanctuary and with any luck it will provide some bright spots at what it a challenging time. Change is with us again, but I shall take the opportunity to meet a friend at a time and get some walking done at the weekends. This weekend I have had the joy of touching base with one of my longest standing school friends who still lives locally to me. WW chuckled when I showed her this on Saturday....that's us aged 13 and 14 [I'm the one with the red trousers]. We're now 54 and 53 and still natter for England over a cuppa!

Meanwhile this is my old friend from work with whom I always celebrate the turning of the wheel. She has had a rough year, but is very stoical and is living her best you can see she was really going for it this Halloween...nothing was going to stop her having a good knees up. Was a most excellent evening.

I will continue to find the best in whatever I'm doing.



  1. Good for you Aril. These are hard times. If we are to bring blessing to this troubled world, we must be able to see blessings. Chin up. This too shall pass.

    1. Thank you Debby for such a lovely comment! Arilx


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