Tuesday 3 November 2020

Dripping with Jewels


They might not be rubies, but these berries near GBT are glorious at the moment. Grabbing the chance to have a walk between showers I not only came across these, but this rather bedraggled little beauty. It's a Box Tree moth I do believe. It seemed unlikely that it would fare well sitting in the middle of the pavement so I moved it to a place of safety well away from human feet.

I might not be able to scheme to the extent I usually do, but I hope that there will still be new things to learn and see in November. I have a couple more adventures from the last few weeks which I will share this week.


PS I'm afraid I don't know what the berries are, but I've put a close up shot up below which might help with its identification. If you double click the picture it will increase its size.


  1. Wow that shrub looks incredible - was it a Berberis? it is so heavily in fruit it is a wonder the branches dont break! Well rescued with the Box Moth, these last few torrential days were probably really hard on insects and birds if they did not have adequate shelter :) stay safe x

  2. Can you make out what kind of tree that is? Those 'bunches' appear to be HUGE....do birds eat them?

  3. Both the moth and the berries are new to me, Aril. Moths we do have in abundance in Indiana, but nothing like those berries! Have you any idea what they are?

  4. Whatever are those huge clusters of berries, I can't work out what they are?

  5. Thank you for all your lovely comments. I've put a closeup photo in the post now which might help with identification. Arilx



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