Tuesday 24 November 2020

Graven humour

A friend recently asked me if I would like to visit a natural burial ground with her. I know that perhaps it might seem a rather unusual choice, but she just wanted to scope it out with a view to buying a plot. She's currently sorting out her affairs and this is one of the things on the list. I have to say it's a lovely peaceful spot surrounded by woodland with newly planted trees and a longterm vision of creating wildlife corridors which will blend in seamlessly with the area of outstanding natural beauty in which it sits. 

Each grave is marked with a small wooden plaque. Some simply record the name of the person, others have memories, nicknames, details about the person or express the sentiments of those who have been left behind. What I didn't expect to see on one anonymous marker was this......

Perhaps some might feel that such humour is misplaced in such a place as this, but I for one think it very appropriate if it's how that individual was in life. I must thank them for giving me a real and very unexpected laugh when I was least expecting it!!



  1. I love the idea of woodland burial sites but from the family history point of view they are no good for future generations tracking their relatives burials!

  2. The cemetarys are for mourners and if it helps them grieve, smiles are good.


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