Monday 23 November 2020

The Monday Group

 Walking again on Saturday this notice across the front of the stile caught my eye.

I come across all sorts of stile styles [try saying that after a couple of small sweet sherries!] and in all states of repair, but I have to say this one was up there with the best. Sturdy, well designed and even that little extra detail of providing instructions for our canine friends.

It transpires that the Monday Group are the fabulous set of volunteers behind the stile. May I just extend my thanks for all your efforts....I, for one, greatly appreciated your hard work in Clayton, West Sussex.



  1. That is soooooo nice, you (and The Monday Group) have just made me smile :)

    1. When you walk regularly you really come to appreciate a decent stile don't you! Arilx

  2. What a nice thing to volunteer for!


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