Containing Your Anger

 A couple of years ago an acquaintance confided in me that she was very stressed and angry about a completely unfair and untrue review a "customer" had left for her business online. Up until this point in time this lady's professional reputation had been impeccable and she came as highly recommended. As you might imagine such unfounded lies could have left her career in tatters and she had to threaten legal action to clear her name which did eventually do the trick. I mentioned in passing that someone had once offered a very useful nugget of advice to deal with the aftermath of such emotional turmoil....write a personal letter to that individual and absolutely lay it on the line about how you feel. Don't hold as venomous as you like and then.....burn it🔥

Next week when I saw her again she said she'd done precisely that and felt that she had really been able to clear all her pent up emotion out of her system, regroup and move forwards. I've only ever had to do it once myself and it was many years ago....I quite shocked myself by what I wrote, but it achieved the cathartic effect I was looking for. This erm "alternative" version shared by my friend last week reminded me of the conversation I'd had, but this one made me guffaw in a slightly wicked way!



  1. Brilliant. For reasons you describe i no longer trust online reviews of anything. We recently holidayed in an excellent apartment of the highest standard for incredibly good value. I left a suitable review. A couple of weeks later the host contacted me to ask about some items the guests immediately after us has complained about, requesting a refund (after they had been there 10 days). Well...!! Why wait 10 days if you have genuine disappointment with the facilities? Scamming scumbags.. I've heard so many examples of bad reviews from people trying to use it as leverage for undeserved discount. F & Mr T

    1. The person behind the bad review was found to have done it to someone else on a previous occasion....they were trying to get a refund on treatments they had already had. Arilx

  2. I read this to my daughter and she snorted water.

    1. It is rather wickedly funny isn't it! Arilx


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