If you were to rebrand the race between the hare and the tortoise to one between Aril and the sloth I am pretty sure I would lose today. Weekend away working with a 4am start on Saturday morning means I'm not firing on all cylinders. The good news is that the show was another good one for us and even the M25, which is usually a bit of a game, behaved itself and ran smoothly. I don't think we have ever got past Chertsey before without sitting in a traffic jam. It was a delight to catch up with our fellow traders and particularly with one lady with whom I always enjoy a good jaw. I finally managed to find her name out this's only taken me 5 years! Wisely I have juggled my clients round so that I'm here at GBT today so I can gradually catch up. For reasons unknown part of the M40 was closed off on our way up which meant us going through some new villages. I have to say I did like the one that said "Drive slowly, see more". 

Speaking of sloths we were up at the Natural History Museum last week and I had no idea just how huge the Giant Sloth was...I know Mr GBT is a hobbit, but it is impressive I have to say. I suppose all those massive sabre toothed cats [latest research has decided that now that they're not part of the tiger family apparently] needed a decent sized prey to snack on to keep up their fine figures🐅🐯



  1. !!!!!! The things I learn here!

    1. I am very good at useless information...anything I need to remember flies out of my head sadly! Arilx


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