Thursday, 21 October 2021



As a general rule I don't share much in the way of personal news. However, am pleased to say that TYM got his Masters yesterday. He had planned to do it all down in Brighton, what he got was a grotbag of a year stuck in his tiny bedroom studying all of it remotely. He's loving his new job in London working in his field of expertise and as a part of a team of real like-minded people.


[Image from Pixabay] 


  1. Congratulations TYM! I remember reading of his exploits when he was a teenogre .. they grow up don't they? ☺️

  2. That's brilliant news! Well done, TYM and I'm glad he's enjoying his job. xxx

  3. Congratulations to TYM on achieving this two goals (academic and employment) under such challenging circumstances.

  4. Fantastic news. Congratulations to TYM.


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