Wednesday 20 October 2021

Rocking it.

 We popped over to see Mr GBT's sister and hubby on Saturday for lunch. Whilst out for a walk with them and their three hounds we passed a front garden which was full of these painted rocks. Usually the ones I see are done by small people, but some of these were really well done and a little different to the norm. Hopefully a little something to brighten your day👻 as we approach Halloween.



  1. Now those are super cool. We love them all, but most especially the frying egg.

  2. They're very good - love the creme egg one; I like a bit of humour in my art :-)

  3. Every now and the I come across a painted stone. Most are quaint but occasionally there's one with detail. Love the pumpkin.

  4. They are excellent!
    During lockdown when rock painting was quite prolific there were lots done by kids however every now and then you would come across some slightly more grown up ones and they were beautifully done as are these :)


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