Thursday 9 December 2021

Thumbs Up

 [Image from Pixabay]

Apparently if you're feeling anxious you should blow on your thumb. What?!! my brain can that work. If you exhale cool air slowly over said digit it helps you to slow your heart rate and relax by slowing down the rate of the thumb's pulse. In my case it's always better if I can distract my frantic thoughts by giving my brain something else to focus on. Simply breathe in for a count of seven, hold for count of three and then exhale for seven. Repeat. It's got to be worth a punt I reckon.



  1. It can't hurt to try. Reminds me of pressing thumb on roof of mouth to relieve a headache m It does work.

    1. I've not heard that tip before. I shall let Mr GBT know as he's more prone to headaches. Arilx

  2. Just tried the thumb thing - did nothing for me! (not that I was feeling anxious)


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