Monday 13 December 2021

Sky Watcher

For most of the year I miss any spectacular sunrises and sunsets. However, my luck changes at this time because of the hours I work I'm on the road making my way home in the later afternoon. Usually it's just a case of admiring the fleeting colours through the windscreen, but I was on foot last week and after many hours of torrential rain I was treated to these beautiful tinted salmon clouds.

Up at stupid o'clock having just done the weekly shop the skies were ablaze with a palette of fiery colours again on Saturday.....I just grabbed my phone and snapped quickly before it all cleared. No filters or upping the vibrancy. Just as it was....scout's honour!



  1. There's some beauties there!
    That's the frustrating thing about being an early riser, noone to share sunrises with. I often wake Jon up especially - much to his annoyance! xxx

    1. I'm by nature a lark, but usually so busy doing stuff that I forget to look out of the window! Arilx

  2. Replies
    1. I felt so lucky to have been there to see it. Arilx


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