Monday 27 December 2021

'Tis a gift

 Morning🎄 Am sneaking in for a quick poke about and to see what everyone's been up to. Do hope that there have been good Christmases all round. Ours so far has been a mix of catching up with friends [more arriving for a late lunch shortly] and family with more to come later on in the week [that's the plan anyway, but could be "subject to change"]. Lovely time all round and our traditional Boxing Day dancing went ahead despite the forecast predicting 70% heavy showers. With me being Mythago's weather witch it didn't dare rain on us, although dodging the big puddles in the pub carpark with a mask on required some last second nifty footwork to avoid getting our feet wet!!

Once again I have been spoilt rotten and the standard of weird/unusual gifts has been amply met. Alongside a goodly pile of choccies and other treats I have been lucky enough to have been treated to these....people definitely know my taste by now!!

I did put a special request in for this one as I had thoroughly enjoyed the first volume that I got for my birthday. When everything quietens down again I'm looking forwards to getting my nose stuck into it.

These are courtesy of TYM and Mr GBT. TYM bought me the ents or in his words "something weird which make a change from the bathbombs I usually get you😀"

These beautiful metal hares will go out in the garden once we've decided where. They're not attached to the pole so they swing round all the time. 

In other news I am now married to a Lord. Yes you read that right....Mr GBT is now Lord.....of Sealand. This gives him absolutely no rights or privileges whatsoever, but he has been wondering about having a new red carpet laid here at GBT😂 If you have never heard of Sealand [who has for that matter?!!] its history is here It's completely bonkers that people have actually tried to take it over...some members of the human race really do have too much time on their hands one feels! This is another quirky present from our son. I cannot for the life of me think where he gets this streak from! 

Until next time.



  1. Love those swinging hares.
    Living in Suffolk I've always known about Sealand it features on the local news now and again.
    Congratulation to the new Lord!

  2. I'm so glad you had a wonderful few days with family and friends. Your son would get along with mine. He likes to find unique and obscure things.

  3. Twixtmas greetings, your ladyship! What fabulous, well-chosen gifts. I can't wait to share the grumpy gargoyle called Bill my brother bought us on my blog, I think you'd like him a lot! xxx

  4. Genetics are sometimes incomprehensible.

    But the gifts, though! Lucky you.

  5. Does that qualify you as a lady now then Aril?! x



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