Monday 6 December 2021



 [Image from Pixabay]

In theory I'm very taken with the idea of mudlarking, but who am I kidding! This is the dame that doesn't like extended periods of getting really muddy [hence not much of a gardener] nor being really cold for any longer than she has to. As with archaeology, I am very much of the armchair variety. One of my small personal treats is enjoying the finds real larkers make by watching their videos on Youtube. My personal favourites are Nicola White, Si-Finds, Mudpies, Kit and Caboodlers and the Northern Mudlarks. No doubt there are many more excellent channels out there, but I must limit myself to these otherwise it's going to become a bit of a rabbit hole which I may never emerge from! 



  1. You're speaking to me. I'm an armchair "insert hobby" for many things. I think it's amazing to learn about things even if no interest, apptitude, or access to do the activity hands in.

  2. Mudlarking is an activity now beyond me, alas; however, I'm up for a rootle in Nicola White's studio! Her trays of treasures and the hi/stories she uncovers about them are fascinating!


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