Monday 1 August 2022

Lammas 2022

 Experiences have always meant far more to me than things...experiences don't have to be things that we've paid for either. Just as well really with our teeny budget😁 Seeing new places or old places through new eyes have long lifted my serotonin levels and it really takes very little to give me a boost. For me it's all about living a life that might not be rich in monetary terms, but enriched in many other ways. Recently I felt honoured and privileged when a former Mythago friend [he moved away] took us out for a lovely walk in his part of East Sussex. Bar the Winnie the Pooh associations which make the area famous I know very little about the Ashdown Forest.

After our walk around the Lodge Nature Reserve I understand now why it's so special for him. It was a warmish afternoon so there wasn't much in the way of larger wildlife to be seen, but round the pond it was busy with different coloured dragonflies and chasers. We parked in the Four Counties carpark because on a clear day you can see across to Kent, Surrey, West Sussex and of course further afield in East Sussex. According to B it's absolutely spectacular at sun rise or sun down. As a fellow Druid I completely see where he's coming from. Sometimes he parks his motorhome up and spends the night up there. 

This final photo is of a bronze age burial mound called Peat Lump Hill. The tree marks the top. With it being so overgrown it's difficult to tell what it is, but you can sense that change in energy as you cross the threshold. I know from previous conversations with B that this is is one of those places that really resonates with him. I didn't know that he was going to take us there so it was a lovely surprise. 

The perfect way to while away a few hours. A very happy Lammas to anyone who celebrates the old ways. 



  1. And a very happy Lammas to you Aril. May you always see the world through that mistiness of time.

  2. certain places definitely vibrate at a very different level - happy Lammas x

    1. They do indeed and it's not always the ones I expect either! Arilx

  3. Just made me shiver, and I haven't even been there. x


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