Monday, 15 August 2022

Making hay boxes while the sun shines.

As we continue to review our life and budget choices we have been looking at many different options and ideas. Some things we instantly disregard, some we price up and again reject because there are no savings to be made or are more expensive than what we're already doing and others just prove to be impractical. However, I'm a person who deals with things by coming up with workable's part of who I am and setbacks don't set me back they just set me off in another direction. Ways of saving fuel is very topical right now and I have often wondered about the viability of a wonderbag or having a haybox. The first option would take a relatively long time to pay off for the savings you would make so I soon discarded that, but I mentioned the latter to Mr GBT. He did the maths and said that it would be worth experimenting with a haybox if we could make one for free.

Whilst I might not a great keeper of everything that might come in useful one day, I do recognise the value of having a modest stash of bits and bobs. Two big cardboard boxes, one old cushion pad, a bag of unused hay we originally bought for the hedgehog house, leftover styrofoam and a stand made from wood we had anyway and legs from our son's old cot bars....ta-dah!

We filled our casserole dish with boiling water and left it for 7 hours. When we came back he measured the temperature and said it would be safe to use for cooking. I wouldn't use it for things like chicken or pork though as don't want to risk food poisoning It's got to be worth a punt!



  1. Who would have thought we'd be reverting to war time measures, but we get your point completely.

  2. Those old hay boxes have been around in the green community for years so they should work, though I would be scared of cooking chicken. Now you need a clay oven in the garden.

  3. I remember my Dad making a hay box during the fuel crisis of the 1970's. It worked really well and we all lived to tell the tale! I have been wondering if our insulated cool box would be big enough to form the basis of one for the coming Winter. All I've got to do is find where I put it!

  4. As long as everything comes to a good rolling boil there's no reason why it shouldn't cook perfectly in your haybox. Well done for thinking outside the box! Sometimes saving pennies can really be fun. x

  5. I've never heard of this! The things that I learn from blogs!

  6. I don't know what a hay box is, but I'm intrigued.


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