A bit of a curate's egg.

 Hastings...Mr GBT's choice for his birthday before the school holidays began. I call it a curate's egg because the new town is rather run down and you could be on any high street anywhere in the country. The old town is quirky and a delight to explore....no prizes for guessing where we spent the day. We visited all the free museums, but I'd much prefer just to give you a small selection and a taster should you ever choose to head that way. Here is my humble offering of the historical, the interesting, the whimsical and the downright peculiar...in answer to the question I don't know what Elvis would do either­čść

This is one of the pieces of work by Leigh Dyer. There were several dotted around the square where people were sitting and enjoying the sunshine.

This fabulous shop with its original Victorian frontage still intact is a maker of artificial flowers. There is a small museum on site too. It doesn't open on a Monday, but apparently it's quite often closed even when it's supposedly open so it's down to luck whether you pick the right day!

The iconic Victorian netting sheds are one of the most commonly photographed images of the area. The old nets were made of natural materials so were prone to rotting if left exposed. Nowadays of course they're all made of plastic....



  1. Smashing photo's. I like quirky.

    1. Thank you. We have a lovely day. Arilx

  2. I imagine the centuries old fades into streets of new stores all over the UK. I'm glad you find the old towns.

    1. With the advent of online shopping people don't flock to the shops as they once did. The high streets are having to reinvent themselves which I think in the long run will restore them to much more interesting and varied spaces. Arilx

  3. When we traded at Bexhill on Sea a few years ago a lot of people told us that we'd love Hastings. By the look of your photos I think they were right! xxx


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