Festival season

 We have many friends who love music festivals, so through them I have become familiar with the names of some despite never having been to one. This year though Mythago, along with other dance sides, was invited to perform during the day at the Wickham Festival. Many of the side have attended in previous years so were keen to attend [some have stayed the whole weekend], but for us it was perfect because it's within easy reach of home for a day. Time to enjoy the sights and sounds of something new....

In terms of festival scale this one is a little 'un but it's won its fair share of awards in the under 15k festival categories. Being one that really not keen on big peopley events this was perfectly manageable for me. Loved the vibe, watching everyone in their finery and the friendliness of all we met. The final photo is the Marching Skaletons,,,the trombonist even has bones down his trousers. Always had a soft spot for Ska since I was a young teen and this lot were sensational. We were well received too I'm pleased to report!



  1. I've seen the Marching Skaletons, they're great, aren't they?
    I'm delighted to hear that you enjoyed your first festival, there really is one for everyone. xxx

    1. I'd certainly be happy to go back for the day again. So colourful and upbeat. Arilx

  2. Oooooh must give that one a go. We love the looks, and are with you on the small festival vibe. (and Ska is great music too).

    1. I don't know what your musical taste is but the Levellers are there every year. Those who stayed had a brilliant time. Arilx


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