Being Catty

My chum Ice Badger and I compared notes about our felines at the weekend. Hers are currently getting up to some rather niffy antics inside the house as they don't want to brave the rain and she's had to reinstate the litter tray as a short term measure. I commiserated with her remembering how awful Psychocat was in that respect. Thankfully Humphrey is extremely well mannered and clean thank gawd! This reminded me of this cartoon I'd seen the previous day. I shared it with IB and we were both able to smile at it in an eye rolling kind of way....

Drat that cat!!


  1. When our late lamented cat B was joined by little girl cat T, his world (of perfect piles, dead centre in the litter tray, covered up symmetrically like the raked gravel in a zen garden) was shattered. One day, I saw him escort her to the tray, place her facing him from the doormat, while he demonstrated the perfect poo, glancing at her from time to time to check she was taking in his instruction. It worked for a day or two then she went back to poo and run. She was so pongy that we couldn't blame her really. When B went, young boy cat S came along and he never got the idea, really. He gets the 4 paws in the litter tray but his botty is not always inside, as well. Such is life for a cat's slave.

  2. I love the way a book I read tastefully described it as "eliminating outside the tray"!


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