Wednesday 4 November 2015

Happy as a small boy with a new toy.

Except I'm a middle aged bird with a new-to-me tambourine. One has been swapping ones goods and chattels again- this time I had a lovely twisted branch which was collecting dust. My dancing chum L has been collecting beer bottle tops for months as she wants to make a monkey stick and this staff is just the ticket. I, meanwhile, am thrilled because it now means I can join in with the musicians when I'm not dancing- I love jangling away and am always so much better when I've got something to do. There are times when my anxiety has rocketed when we've danced out which has made me really nervous and affected my dancing. This is another way of keeping all that nonsense at bay along with good old Rescue Remedy. I am delighted to report it is working!

This is me with said item recently at the priory ruins in Arundel. I am easily pleased.


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