Saturday 17 December 2016

Dropped Cake Tip

Now I've heard of a drop scone, but until yesterday I'd never heard of dropping your Victoria sandwich in the tin as soon as it's come out of the oven. This apparently stops the middle from sinking as it breaks the walls of the bubbles and allows the air to get back in. The outer edge of the cake gets to a hotter temperature and therefore is cooked more than the centre. I have certainly dropped cakes in my time....on the floor. Now I get to drop them intentionally on the work surface!

So now you know- there was a fuller explanation on Nigel Slater's Icing on the Cake programme.



  1. Really? That seems counter intuitive .... but seeing my cakes do have a tendency to either over inflate so they look a bit like rugby ball inserted into a tin or dipped like a skate board park rink ... what's to lose? I'll give it a try!

    1. It does go against the grain doesn't it. I think I shall try it on a cake which isn't for a special occasion first!

  2. I've done the floor dropping trick many times! xxx


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