Wednesday 14 December 2016

How many shades of grey?

Not 50 according to the programme QI. No, there are apparently 104....after this week though I would beg to differ. There's one and one only for I have seen it day after day this week. It doesn't trouble me unduly for it makes the blood red skies of the sunsets and sunrises of this time of year all the more spectacular. I stopped the car to take a photo of this on magnificent was it. I do hereby solemnly swear that I may have cropped out the passing car, but I have not tinkered with the colours in any way.

Until recently I never understood the science behind why we see the colours we do at this time of day. All fascinating stuff. Rather than regurgitate the article and brown off the author into the bargain there's a link here for anyone who's interested These natural wonders keep me going when it's grim out there.


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