Monday 5 December 2016

Where did you get that hat? Where did you get that style?

Huzzah an amazing day of dancing yesterday taking part in the tree dressing event at the Weald and Downland museum. I was able to debut my new mask and we all performed a new dance for the first time. It was so good to get out and jingle my bells in the sunshine after being poorly!

No photos...been there, done that on this 'ere bloglet of mine. What did take my fancy though was this fabulous hat that one of the ladies in Rabble was wearing. It was difficult to get a shot because she was dancing and she soon got too hot and took it off. That's what I love about being part of the Morris world....all its eccentricity in all its glory!



  1. It looks like a felted pixie cap - no wonder she took it off, it would be warm to wear! I love the quirkiness of her entire garb :)


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