Thursday 1 December 2016

Baby's First Christmas

Wicked Mother....look what I made the teenogre wear that first Christmas he was on the planet...we cackled gleefully as he wore his Snowman hat and it wobbled away everytime he moved his head. The following year there was to be no tomfoolery at his expense....any type of naff Chrimble gimick/ adornment was removed from about his person swiftly and accompanied by a very stout, no nonsense "no!". Oh well it was fun while it lasted!!


  1. We too had brief wickedness too but the boys very quickly wised up .... now they make fun of us!! Sigh, where does time go! ?

    1. I know it's zoomed past! I found these bits along with his old shoes when I was decluttering a load of paperwork from the loft!


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