Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Alban Arthan

Winter Solstice blessings. Despite the steel wool clouds out there today at least we can celebrate that the daylight will lengthen every day. I had the privilege of dancing in Stonehenge at the weekend to celebrate this festival. It was, as ever, a magical experience.



  1. Solstice blessings, one day I would like to see the sun rise from there, until then I'll contend myself with the clouds and rain!

  2. Seasonal celebrations to you Aril. Stonehenge on December 21-what a way to greet winter. We visited on March 21 three years ago but no dancing involved.The date was coincidental not planned for the spring equinox.

    1. Thank you. We were in the stones on Sunday, but there was open access for everyone yesterday.


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