Wednesday 18 January 2017

Polar Opposites

Senior chap likes chocolate and biscuits, whilst junior chap likes crisps and crackers. Senior dame sits somewhere betwixt and between. The snack of choice is likely to be savoury [yes I am the original crisp monster and for that reason alone they do not appear in my shopping trolley all that often]. When indulging my cafe habit a cheese scone is my idea of manna from heaven whereas Millionaire's Shortbread or Rocky Road is, for me, hell on a plate [Mr GBT would vehemently disagree!] . Being a fickle creature though I do like to have a little homebaked sweet treat in my lunchbox every day.

It was against this background that I decided to try out a new recipe per month for either a sweet biscuit or savoury cracker. Kicking off this weekend I have made a batch of rosemary shortbread biscuits The flavour of the herb is not overpowering, but definitely present. I'm afraid that I didn't rush out and specially buy caster sugar...ordinary sugar seems to have been fine. Thumbs up all round.


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  1. One son has a sweet tooth, the other prefers savoury as do I, however, Himself eats everything ....



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