Sunday, 1 January 2017

Ushering in the new.

For the first time I have found an author who writes about the world in the way I want to view it. Discovering a book by Pam Grout in our local library recently I found her words really resonated with me.  I'd like to start my blog off as I mean to go on this year....on a positive note from the beginning of 2017.

"Isn't it time to give up the world we keep re-running in our mind, to overthrow the status quo? A new more imaginative and free world is possible. But we must retrain ourselves to look through optimistic eyes. To say "thank you" and recognise all the beauty and largesse in our lives."

Thank you Pam and I'll raise a glass to that!



  1. She has a blog/website - that I occasionally dip into, I like her straight talking and her view of things x

    1. I've started to have a little look at her blog. I just like the way she shoots straight from the hip.


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