Tuesday 3 January 2017

What a little star!

Poor old Mr GBT....never a moment's peace when his dearly beloved spots something and gets overexcited. Calling like a fishwife, patiently he left the warmth of his cosy armchair to come out into the cold night air and dutifully see what I was hollering about. Now you will have to believe me that these two looked a lot closer than they do in the photo...something to do with how the human brain arranges images.

I wasn't quite sure which planet I was looking at. I knew it wasn't Mars as that's a definite red colour, but I guessed it was Venus. "That looks like the Evening Star" said Mr GBT knowledgeably. From the coverage in the media today I now find that they are one and the same....a day when you learn something new in my book is never a day wasted.

Since deciding to adopt some more tools to help me appreciate what a lucky so and so I really am I've been informally keeping a note of some things that have given me pleasure over the past few months. My parents gave me a Mindfulness diary as a Christmas gift, so I can now record three things a day. When things are not so rosy and my black, hairy hound is back nipping at the backs of my heels I hope this will become a journal which will help me keep my perspective. This was one of my blessings for yesterday.



  1. we saw it from France too - beautiful!

  2. I took photos too, we'd been walking and it took us longer to get back to the car than we planned, so as the sun dropped (along with the temperature!) we were rewarded with the moon and Venus (Husband knows his stars) so just had to take pictures. I have used the 'three things to be grateful for' practice and it certainly helps, last year I had serious black dog issues (could not get rid of the thing - kept following me home!!) I found the gratitude spell kept me just out of reach :) xx

    1. Glad to hear the technique helped you toox


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