Sunday 22 January 2017

The January Blues?

Yes definitely a good dose of the January Blues in this little part of Sussex today. Thankfully though it was of the blue sky variety. For once I have been paying close attention to the weather this month and I have been surprised that that in these 'ere parts, despite the shocking reputation for January, it's not been all that bad. Granted we've got off far more lightly than other parts of the country, but there's been far more dry days and pleasantly quite a few of them have been blue skied. I no longer dread the month and am actually really enjoying [whispered] it...well most of it. I've had my moments of otherness, but that's par for the course whatever the time of year! There's been lots to keep me amused.

The Riverside Walk is a 13 mile circular route around my home town. It's recently been given a facelift with new signage and information boards. Having wanted to do it for a Very Long Time and spurred on by our walk at Pagham last week, I have finally realised that it's not necessary to delay our hiking to the start of the gentler climate of Spring. Better late than never I guess. We have only done half of it today [we'll complete the circuit next time], but we've been reacquainted with familiar sights and made some new discoveries along the way.

This tree and how it remains upright despite the obvious lack of soil, is a complete mystery to me. However, standing upright it remains and it was a favoured spot for hide and seek when my son was a little chap!

None of Mr GBT's lovely birding photos this time, but we did catch glimpses of a wren, a grey wagtail and a great spotted woodpecker. Unfortunately my little camera doesn't cope with things which move quickly....thankfully these cockerels were a little more accommodating. I've not seen coloured ones like this before and then lo and behold two within spitting distance of each other!

The pub's name  "The Rising Sun" rather unusually picked out in mosaic form [it has a more traditional sign as well] and a rather dilapidated phone box. Recently there has been a local campaign mounted to rescue the remaining examples of this very British icon since the announcement that they are all to be removed.

This rather lovely building once housed a water mill. There's been a mill on this site since 1609 when the pond was created by the Iron Industry as the workers excavated "shrave" which was a type of low grade iron ore found in the local stone.  After this ceased the mill was used for flour production. Nowadays the building is a vets and the surrounding area is a stunning nature reserve with the water at its centre.

Further round earthworks took us even further back historically. You will have to use your imagination when you view this particular set of lumps and bumps and just take my word for it when I say it's the remains of a motte and bailey fortified castle from 900 years ago. It belonged to the Norman family of De Braose. Their main home was further out at Bramber Castle, but the hunting was good here so they used Chennells Brook Castle as a hunting lodge. It is unusual apparently in the respect that it follows a continental design which is rarely seen here. It was only used for 50 years and had been deliberately destroyed by 1160. It is not known why.

Berries and gorse. These two were good candidates for a much needed pop of colour. Apparently "when kissing is out fashion gorse is out of bloom". Thankfully this little yellow trooper is out all year round so no need to panic chaps....lip puckering may continue unimpeded!

These two final shots for the delight they add in unexpected places. A carved totem pole in our local park and the minion embellishing an otherwise functional but boring meter cupboard. From a distance I thought it was a sticker, but upon closer inspection I think it might be hand painted. Fun!!

A perfect day.


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