Monday, 16 April 2018

Pack it in!

It seems Humphrey has decided to try out the delights of a term away at uni too and no matter how many times TYM evicted him back he came. Being all black he blended in rather well with the luggage and even more so when he hid in the big black laundry bag. To say TYM was getting a bit hacked off at his sheer persistence and antics is an understatement. Finding him snuggled down on his clean pile of clothes was the final straw and he found himself unceremoniously plonked on the other side of the closed bedroom door.

We did check the feline's whereabouts before embarking on our trip to take Himself back!



  1. He was just sprinkling a little magic black cat 'furry-dust' for luck! Ours do it ... all the time ... sigh

  2. Ha! Look at him!
    Have you seen that thing on Facebook saying that if you mark out a rectangle with masking tape on the floor your cat will automatically go and sit in it - I'm dying to try it out! xxx

    1. No hadn't heard that one, but yes I'm sure he'd be in there like a shot. Mind you he's been in a spot of bother since releasing a live mouse downstairs. Eeek!

  3. They always have to know whats going on!

  4. Poor Humphrey...just trying to help I expect! x


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