Wednesday 8 August 2018

Fluttering In

Not much of blogworthy note going on here at GBT at the moment. Lots of catching up of domestic trivia and am in full decluttering mode so the chaps are keeping a low profile and avoiding me like the plague. Freecycle is my friend at the moment­čśĆ

One of yesterday's clients had to cancel due to illness which left me with a few unexpected free hours. With it being far too humid to tackle anything too energetic, I finally got around to setting up a local book exchange for our town. Very few of the chazza shops here seem to want them here and the vast majority of the charity collection bags which come through the door specify clothes only. Following on from the success of the recent Share Fair it's an idea which has been rolling around my head for a few weeks now, but I wasn't quite sure how to go about it. Not wanting to go down the route of physically having to store stuff I've set up a virtual version on Facebook. Now I'm a complete Luddite and the whole thing is a bit scary for me, but I've jumped in with both feet so we shall have to see how it goes.

Whilst I was pondering what I should write for the group's introduction and what rules needed to be set up this gorgeous moth fluttered in through the open back door and settled. Mr GBT grabbed his camera and took some shots of it before I safely released it back into the garden. I now know it to be a Rosy Underwing moth. Gorgeous.



  1. I love the idea of book exchanges.We dont have anything like that here as far as I know.I take my unwanted books and mags that have been given to me,to the local hospital and put a few in each of the waiting areas there.The ward where my Dad was has a little sitting room with book shelves in there so I also take any childrens books to give the little ones something to look at while they are waiting with their parents.Plus the fact that they can take them home with them....That is a lovely pic of the moth...even though I am terrified of them!!.Strange how I love butterflies and love it if they land on me...yet if a moth does..I scream!!,xx

    1. My son hates moths too. With me it's mice!


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