Friday 3 August 2018

The Return Visit

The promise of meadows filled with masses of wildflowers and butterflies on the boards going round the Green Circle in Burgess Hill earlier this year lured us back. Of course my brain hadn't actually factored in the lack of rain would mean that the meadows had already been cut and there was not a bloom to be seen.

After a quick huffy five I realised I was in danger of needing my own toddler shaped balloon like a certain President I regained my equilibrium and decided to look properly and see what else there was on the route. As it turns out the hedgerows and verges delivered in abundance. Even the oh so familiar wildflowers can be quite unexpectedly exotic and detailed when you see them close up through a lens.

If you seen this rather plain one on your travels do give its heads a squeeze....there's a good reason why it's called Pineapple Mayweed.

Hope everyone has a smashing weekendx


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