Thursday 2 August 2018

Material Wealth

I'm the kind of girl who knows instantly whether she likes something or not. I don't often make an impulse buy, but the cushion below [plus another identical one] seemed to have rather rudely taken up residence here with us at GBT! For the sake of 600 pennies and the chance to help an independent charity I decided it would be rather rude of me to ignore them! They are now jazzing up my plain blue sofa.

Considering how small our house is it would appear that I'm rather partial to a textile or three and I certainly seem to have packed a fair few in. No wall is safe. Here's just a small selection.

One made by TYM when he was a small boy thing. I've got custard yellow walls in my kitchen and it matches to a tee.

The gingerbread man quilt made for me by my Mum.

One I made earlier on a crazy patchwork course years ago. All fabrics recycled from jumble sale clothes

This one hangs on my airing cupboard door. It's beautifully beaded and was a complete impulse buy....for three quid I didn't care where it went...all I knew was I wasn't leaving the chazza without it!

So if I have a penchant [some might cruelly say an obsession chuckle] for all things fabric related does this then make me materialistic? 😉



  1. I love houses that have individual unique pieces making it a home.I have things very much the same as you Aril.Things with a history to them!.Someone I know changes her paintwork,wallpaper and mass produced stuff from shops like Matalan,every 6 months and asks me if Id like the stuff she is getting rid of because all my stuff is vintage and upcycled...I always politely say no thanks!,lol.Some people just dont get it!!xx


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